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MIMOSA Asset Lifecycle Information Model Open Meeting Set

Manufacturing and production information is rapidly moving to the cloud. I wrote yesterday about what all the companies are trying to do to bring information into their ecosystems. Not all the efforts promote interoperability. Dell is open source, coming the closest to the ideal. Microsoft and Siemens are closest for individual companies. What they are […]

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Enterprise Need for Standards for Interoperability

Owner/Operators do see great benefits to standards for system-of-systems interoperability. Getting there is the problem. Aaron Crews talked about what Emerson is doing along the lines I’ve been discussing. Tim Sowell of Schneider Electric Software hasn’t commented (that’s OK), but I’ve been looking at his blog posts and commenting for a while. He has been […]

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What Is Smart Manufacturing and Why We Care

[Updated: 1/28/15] Last week I attended the board meeting of the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition. Sometimes I’m an idealist working with organizations that I think have the potential to make things better for engineers, managers, and manufacturers in general. I derive no income from them, but sometimes you need to give back to the cause. […]

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Oil and Gas Interoperability Pilot

I started another Website called Physical Asset Lifecycle last year to discuss interoperability. Two things happened. The reason to have a separate Website evaporated into the vacuum of failed business ideas. I also ran out of time to maintain yet another Website. So, I will be reposting the work I did there and then building […]

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