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US Government Continues Acting on Smart Manufacturing

Last month, the Obama administration announced another smart manufacturing initiative through a “Notice of Intent to Issue FOA.” That is a “Funding Opportunity Announcement.” This follows another initiative in which the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition was awarded funds to develop several test beds. In government-speak: DE-FOA-0001262: Notice of Intent to Issue FOA entitled “Clean Energy […]

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Leading Virtual Teams

I think the future is here, and it’s a virtual workforce. There are many reasons for people to gather together. And probably many reasons why some organizations need people located in an office complex. But a virtual workforce—and even a virtual company—works. And leading virtual teams has become an essential skill. Hassan Osman (@hassano) wrote […]

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New Kids On the IO Block–Transferring Process Control Knowledge to Millennials

One of the more popular and discussed sessions at Emerson Global Users Exchange 2014 focused on working with and transferring process control knowledge to young people born in the 80s–The Millennials. The presenters were fellow “old guy” with new ideas and Emerson’s Chief Blogger Jim Cahill and a certified Millennial Danaca Jordan who is a staff engineer for Eastman […]

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Automation Or Jobs — A Non Sequitur

Why always “Automation OR Jobs?” Never “both…and.” Or, is there really a correlation? The PewResearch Internet Project has recently released a report of a “research” project regarding people’s opinions about whether automation is a job-creating or job-depleting phenomenon. The reason I use the quote marks around research is that it is not the type of […]

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A Tale of Two Manufacturing Industry Events

A Tale of Two Manufacturing Conferences Reaching customers and prospects with a company’s message and involving them in educational and networking events evidently is becoming more difficult. Manufacturing technology trade shows—the staples of the 80s and 90s—are just about extinct. Some still exist, albeit in quite smaller form factors and with different twists. Some vertical […]

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Prospects For Manufacturing Employment

We have all written and spoken about the coming expertise crisis in manufacturing employment (factory and process) that will be caused by the retirement of the current population of engineers, operators and maintenance technicians. Some of this attrition has already begun. I spotted this chart on the Business Insider Web site. It look at the […]

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Wonderware Industrial Software

Wonderware Industrial Software Conference and Product Release

Rocking out to the Beatles “Revolution”, Invensys software announced “The Industrial Software Revolution Begins Now.” About 1,000 people gathered at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas for the second Invensys conference in a little over a month. Last month it was the process solutions side of the company. This conference focuses on Wonderware, SimSci-Esscor and Avantis. […]

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