I met Dragan Filipovic, then at Kraft, at an event at Omron several years ago. He also spoke a few years ago at our Packaging Automation Forum. He always had a lot of ideas–maybe more than a big company could use. So, he’s on his own now with a tool he says will help increase OEE by speeding changeover of machines. He says, “In the past year I invested a lot of effort to develop a new electronic tool/solution that will interactively guide an operator during machine changeover process. ‘Changeover Tool‘ (COT-device) is a new and quite unique solution to notorious size-changeover challenge – it is sophisticated inside (very portable, wireless-ZigBee, battery operated, location-aware etc.), however very simple to deploy and use. 10 min operator training is enough to demonstrate ‘extraordinary changeover skills’ (even a novice operator that joined a company last week). In short, development is now finalized and I have commercial version that virtually eliminates operator’s changeover experience.”

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