Just got news from a press conference I couldn’t attend during the ARC Forum. Online Development Inc. now has a standalone module. It previously developed modules to fit within Rockwell Automation controllers. The eATM tManager Standalone module is designed to enable data exchange without custom programming or the use of a middleware computer. It can be installed in a panel or cabinet and connects to controllers and computer systems via two independent Ethernet ports. It can connect controllers from Rockwell Automation, Siemens and Schneider with popular databases such as Microsoft SQL, DB2 and Oracle as well as Java Message Service (JMS) systems. Configuration software for the eATM tManager features intuitive screens and drop down menus to select data and establish conditions for triggering data exchanges based on values, time and other characteristics. It also configures the appliance’s store and forward and failover features. If data is interrupted between the controller and the computer system, it is either stored in the module, and then forwarded when the connection is resumed, or sent to a defined failover destination. In either case, configurable alerts can be sent by email to warn of data loss.

This appliance is available with adapters that connect to specific business systems and controllers. These include Messaging Adapters for IBM WAS JMS, Red Hat JBoss JMS, JBoss Community JMS, and IBM WMQ. Database Adapters are available for DB2 (AS400, System i, z/OS), MS SQL, My SQL and Oracle. Automation Adapters are available for Rockwell Automation PAC/PLCs, Siemens Industrial Ethernet and Schneider Electric Modbus TCP.

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