Here’s a lifestyle tip from presentation guru Garr Reynolds. If you ever give presentations and wish you knew how to do the right, Garr Reynolds through his book and blog Presentation Zen are a good place to start.

But that’s not why I’m thinking of him today. His latest blog post reminds me of a teaching of Jesus who told us to become like little children. Adults debate what he meant even today. But Reynolds watches kids, and has summarized “13 communication and life tips that children teach us.”

Read his post to get the entire message, but here are some thoughts I find especially relevant.
  • Be completely present in the moment
  • Allow for spontaneity
  • Move your body
  • Play and be playful
  • Do not concern yourself with impressing people
  • Show your enthusiasm
  • Be insanely curious
  • Smile, laugh, enjoy
  • Slow down


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