Is Yahoo shutting Delicious? I have been using it to save Web pages to search later. Just exported them just in case. Now, I’m worried about Flickr where I have lots of photos to share.

Thomas Hawk on Flickr, Yahoo’s misuse of it, and Carol Bartz.

National Instruments has been named to another list of the best places to work.

I don’t run an employment agency, but I have a couple of friends who are excellent in their fields and looking for new projects. One is an EH&S engineer and the other is a respected MOM/MES implementation guru. If you are looking for someone, send me a note and I’ll fix you up. I don’t get a commission or anything. Just know a few people.

Are you a boring daddy? This article should make all of us connected geeks pause and regain perspective on our lifestyles.

Even while I was in university, I made it a goal to be a true “liberal arts” person. That means continuous learning–and having the confidence that I can learn anything if I just provide the work to do it (I’ve learned much more math, for instance, since graduating than before. Just think of the GPA I could have had…). Jim Cahill has a blog post about continual learning. He has an Emerson-centric point-of-view, but that’s OK. The advice is excellent.

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