PC-based Data Acquisition TechnologyI just finished listening to the last of an 8-part series of NI Week Promotional Podcasts. Each of the eight featured 2-3 different technology forums or technology symposia plus descriptions of what attendees will see on the exhibit hall floor.

A few of the featured speakers talked about their presentations. Lots of cool technology will be presented. Some of the “extras” surrounding the conference were promoted. Figuring National Instruments brings close to 3,000 people to its fair city, it is proud of its environs–and the many interesting activities and variety of food you will find in Austin, Texas.

One of the features today was fitness/wellness. I began attending NI Week in 1998 and ever since enjoy my early morning runs along the banks of Lady Bird Lake (I think I’m right, used to be Town Lake, right?). If you are out there between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning–a) you can wave to me as I run the path, and b) you can see some of the famous Austin bats returning home after a night of gorging themselves on the plentiful mosquitoes and other insects.

This has always been a fantastic technical conference with many cool technical people and outstanding keynotes. I look forward to my 16th.

If you see me there, stop me and say hi.

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