This is just a quick post to call out some recent apps (I have them on iPhone/iPad, not sure about Google Play).

Profibus/PI North America has an app that is news centric. You are greeted with blocks of news content relative to Profibus and Profinet technologies and applications.

ISA has a new magazine app named Intech Plus. I really like the interface. That reminds me of the interface of Productive magazine (which I highly recommend–that’s personal productivity, not production) which is easy to navigate and read. The interactivity embedded in the magazine is excellent.

Automation.Com known basically as a Web Portal for automation news (and also loosely affiliated with Intech) released Pulse, its iPhone (and I presume Android) app, as its venture into the world of online publishing. Once again, the interface is outstanding–not just the old “flip book” replica of a print magazine, but an attempt to make a truly digital product.

Check them out and let me know in the comments what you think. Do you like reading in that format for a “magazine”? Would you pitch print for that format? Or, do you like both? Or still just print?

While I’m asking questions–what do you think about subscription models? This blog is free. My friend Walt Boyes bought the Industrial Automation + Process Control Insider which is pretty much subscription-based. Anything that does go on the Web is posted after the newsletter goes out. What do you think?

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