GE Software CMO John MageeWatch for continued developments in the Internet of Things and “Industrial Internet” and “Connected Enterprise” space. Things are really heating up—as far as press releases are concerned, anyway. I think the actual benefits from implementations will begin to accelerate, too. Here is a release from GE.

GE announced an expanded working relationship with Intel and Cisco to seamlessly connect the growing number of machines, systems and edge devices to the Industrial Internet regardless of manufacturer.

These co-innovations will allow operators to integrate Predix, GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet, into existing infrastructure.

This next generation of software-defined, Predix-ready devices will embed metadata and complex objects, and ensure open, secure communications from the sensors and devices to the supervisory control layer, and ultimately to cloud-based services. By connecting more assets and equipment at the edge to the cloud, to each other, and to people, industrial operators gain more insight and visibility into the performance of their equipment and operations. This in turn allows them to realize cost savings and minimize unplanned downtime.

“From networked systems utilized in railways and electric power grids to edge switches and client devices that connect assets such as laptops, field devices and wireless access points, Cisco and Intel enable Predix to be distributed to the edge, even in some of the most severe conditions,” said Bill Ruh, Vice President, GE Software. “Without our ecosystem of partners, we would not be able to achieve our vision of interconnecting brilliant machines, analytics and people in a way that allows for true asset management and optimization.”

Intel is working with GE to make it possible to embed intelligence and adaptability in any device. The new architecture is being made available to gateway manufacturers to make the exploding number of connected devices and sensor networks “Predix-ready.” By utilizing Intel’s processor and software assets, combined in Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT, Predix can be deployed on a variety of standard gateway products with critical features like integrated security.

Connect edge devices

“The platform we are developing with GE is designed to connect the 85% of unconnected edge devices to the cloud with common platform to secure and manage devices, as well as capture data,” said Doug Davis, vice president and general manager, IoT Group at Intel. “By securely capturing and analyzing data from systems not previously connected, businesses can unlock new opportunities by changing employee behaviors, fine tuning assets or designing new products and services.”

With Cisco, GE will integrate Predix software on Cisco’s next generation of ruggedized networking products. The combination of Predix and Cisco IOx framework will facilitate the collection and analysis of asset performance and operational data anywhere in the network. Together, Cisco and GE have developed a Predix-ready Cisco industrial router designed for harsh environments such as oil and gas production and developed as the first of a portfolio of offerings to optimize assets and operations through connectivity and compute at the edge.

“Today’s industrial customers need a secure, scalable and intelligent infrastructure that is optimized for the explosive growth of machines and devices connected to the Industrial Internet,” said Rob Soderbery, Senior Vice President Enterprise Products and Solutions, at Cisco. “With GE, we are developing a solution for the oil and gas industry that will provide immense value for our joint customers and scale to other industrial applications.”

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