That was a popular ad phrase in the mid-80s. It referenced the quality of the digital recording on cassette tapes. (Pre-CDs and pre-streaming.) Given the devolution of social media in the past few years, these days we ask, “Is it real, or is it AI?”

I got this cute and thought provoking website from a PR agency. I told her it looked as if people were not all that observant. But, that would have been unfair to people. Some images were impossible to tell. Try it and let me know. Then think before you leap on stuff you see on social media.

As Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest trends that advances so rapidly, we decided to conduct the experiment to see if internet users are able to recognize photos, artworks, music, and texts created by AI.

I believe these results will be fascinating and shocking also for your readers! Here you can find the whole data-based article: 

Can you tell the difference between human and AI?

The significant findings of our Human vs. AI Test were surprising: 

  • In some survey groups, as many as 87% of respondents mistook an AI-generated image for a real photo of a person. 
  • Two-thirds of people who think they would recognize a chatbot struggle with identifying AI-generated texts. 
  • About 24% of male and only 17% of female respondents made less than 3 mistakes when judging photos. 
  • Interestingly, more than 37% of respondents who declared as non-binary made less than 3 mistakes when judging photos (out of 7 examples).
  • The most crucial factor in the test score was familiarity with AI technology.
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