The blogging phenomenon popped onto my radar most likely in 2002. By 2003, it was getting serious, and I was reading a number of them in Google Reader (sadly defunct, now I use Feedly). I freed up some personal time and played around with developing a site–eventually called Gary Mintchell’s Radio Weblog. It was on the Radio Userland platform developed by blogging and podcasting pioneer Dave Winer.

I started posting in 2003. I now have two active blogs and two or three others that I started for specific purposes and ended. This week I posted my 5,000th blog post. That’s approximately 1.5 million words. A few of them interesting.

At any rate, I’m still posting. Topics have changed over the years here–as with a couple of name changes. The current name was chosen in 2013 to reflect the growing importance of connections to manufacturing technology. And connections remain at the heart–only now not so much controllers (PLCs and DCSs) as IoT to Edge to Cloud and all the software interfaces.

Thanks for reading. And thanks to all the companies who have sponsored the site since 2014. Especially Inductive Automation, who has been a consistent sponsor for years.

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