Yes, Virginia, people really are operationalizing digital twin and other digital technologies. This news hails from Italy about digital twin in chemical processing. It’s not just for building cars.

Honeywell and Saipem have signed an agreement for product development and commercialization of a “Digital Twin” as part of Saipem’s Snamprogetti Urea technology. The solution will be developed on Honeywell Forge, Honeywell’s enterprise performance management solution, to enable customers to improve the production of urea through virtual simulation of key processes.

The new service will be commercialized with Saipem’s brand and powered by Honeywell Forge. Saipem will be responsible for the management and technical support of the digital tool, involving Honeywell on a demand basis. Honeywell’s digital twin solution will also be used as a virtual model to guide engineers with actionable insights into machine performance and maintenance needs in order to optimize plant production of urea.

The Honeywell Forge solution, deployed in more than 60 process units worldwide, will enable Saipem to provide real-time response on plant operational management, to collect data for monitoring and predictive maintenance, to contribute to the optimization of its clients’ operations and to deliver more value to stakeholders. The solution will allow Saipem to remain in close contact with its clients, even after plant delivery, to modernize its offering as a licensor and to collect feedback regarding plant performance.

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