Did you know that green chili is a uniquely Colorado delicacy? I discovered that through a conversation with Colorado Green Chili founder and owner Gary Geiser. Colorado Green Chili began in the early 2000s at a 13-seat diner (now he has two) that featured his original formula for green chili….a southwestern delicacy that the rest of the U.S. isn’t as familiar with.

Geiser told me that someone from Whole Foods ate at his diner and told him that his Green Chili would be a hit at his store. Does he bottle it for sale? The answer was “not at the moment.”

But the restaurant entrepreneur decided to become a manufacturing entrepreneur, as well. Geiser investigated process control, batch processing, learned how to batch various sizes of product. He investigated co-packers and hired engineers to write control and MES software for the system. He purchased a 20,000 square-foot facility and equipment and was in business.

He went to the FDA and USDA to obtain all the necessary approvals, then began production. He produces product under his own name and also white labelled for others. He currently supplies Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Kroger, and more. He has sold online to all 50 US states and to 25 countries.

With over 900K jars sold, the green chili is made from all-natural Colorado green chilis, is gluten free, is vegan, is the first green chili to participate in the NON GMO Project and “tastes amazing”. Actually, I’ve gone through a jar of the “hot” that has a touch of habanero and the salsa. I’m working on a jar of the mild. I’ve mixed it with a few foods and like it over omelets and scrambled eggs. Geiser recommended slow cooking a pork shoulder with a jar of the chili. I haven’t tried that, yet, but it’s on the list.

Here is 25 MIN of live TV  just completed when the second restaurant reopened. Within this content you will see the jarred chili featured. Also, as you consider this note, we would love to send you chili samples to taste.

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