Robots and robotics in the news have escalated during the past few years. This includes typical hardware, end effectors and tools, and software. In this case, here is news from Symbiotic Robotics, provider of software that automatically powers AI-controlled industrial robots for flexible auto manufacturing.

The company recently announced its latest work with Toyota Motor North America. SymbioDCS software enables robots to automate assembly processes and allows robots to learn, adapt and execute tasks on Toyota’s highest volume production lines, including both traditional and hybrid electric Camry, RAV4, Sequoia, and Tundra models.

Automation from Symbio is designed to solve car manufacturing pain points. “Engineering teams at Toyota are leveraging Symbio’s technology, expertise and best practices of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce ergonomic hazards,” said Symbio CEO and co-founder Max Reynolds. “Cars are changing. Manufacturing processes are changing. We’re proud to be working with Toyota to help them adapt for a competitive advantage.” 

SymbioDCS is an industrial robotics middleware and python programming framework that helps simplify the programming of industrial robots. It enables robot programmers to leverage real-time sensor information and feedback from existing automation sensors in combination with advanced control software, resulting in more capable and flexible robots.

One application Toyota leverages is Symbio’s moving line technology where robotic assembly is done as vehicles are carried down an active production line in the plant. Symbio software is also used to perform tasks, such as wax application, without making stops.

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