This company intrigues me. Copia Automation. Its co-founder and CEO’s credentials include heading IT at Uber. They have taken the IT technology of DevOps and ported it to industrial use. HighByte performed a similar adaptation of DataOps to Industrial DataOps in 2016.

Maybe the time is ripe for better programming paradigms for industrial control? We’ll see. I hope so.

I thought Copia PR had queued me for an interview, but that evidently fell through. Here is the press release.

Copia Automation, empowering companies to gain continuous quality control and streamlined production, launched Copia Industrial DevOps Platform, a cloud-based Git solution that serves as an operational technology (OT) control center. The platform provides a clear view of all code within industrial operations to eliminate unexpected disruptions resulting from coding errors. 

Industrial operations gain a strategic advantage with continuous quality control, production optimization, and preemptive crisis management to minimize product recalls, downtime, and safety or cyber threats, saving millions of dollars in lost productivity. 

Amazon recently deployed Copia’s technology at its warehouses and expects an 80% reduction in unexpected downtime due to unapproved control changes — a significant increase in the scalability of code improvements — and a 25% improvement in high-severity issue resolution time. Copia has raised $30 million from investors since 2020, and has been adopted by more than 1,500 developers at 100 companies globally. 

“We’re going beyond increasing efficiency to fundamentally transform how the manufacturing industry operates where the application of code is a strategic asset to enhance efficiency and foster innovation,” said Copia CEO and Co-founder Adam Gluck. “By deploying the principles of Industrial DevOps, manufacturers can bring established IT practices into the world of operational technology to ensure their operations run smoothly with minimum downtime.”

Copia brings many of the concepts, tools, and best practices that helped DevOps revolutionize the IT industry (e.g. visibility, automation, validation, and quality control) to the operational technology industry. As coding at scale increases at industry sites, Copia offers enhanced code visibility to:

  • Enable greater collaboration among coders
  • Provide a one-stop platform for all files and upgrades
  • Boost efficiency by standardizing code and upgrades across multiple sites
  • Supply actionable visibility and control, and immediate disaster recovery
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