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Internet of Things Market Consolidation Continues

The Internet of Things conversation for industrial/manufacturing application is certainly picking up steam. Meanwhile, I’m really intrigued by what PTC is up to. It recently acquired ThingWorx, now it has announced acquisition of Axeda. PTC is a company usually identified as “product lifecycle management” which is usually a term referring to design. The major players […]

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Mitsubishi Growing An Integrated Automation and Manufacturing Platform

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has been somewhat quietly building out a version of the connected manufacturing enterprise for several years. Known for machine control and motion control, it first made a splash by partnering with ILS Technology to develop [email protected] This is connecting technology moving data from the control system to enterprise databases. It recently announced […]

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New Platform For Linking Manufacturing and Internet of Things

I talked yesterday with Guido Jouret, general manager of Internet of Things Business Group, at Cisco about a new product/platform that combines networking and computation bringing new capabilities to the support of the Internet of Things. “Cisco is very excited to accelerate innovation in the Internet of Things by delivering IOx, which provides the ability […]

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The Manufacturing Connection

OPC UA Module Handles Complex Data

OPC UA is finally gaining the traction I thought I’d have seen some time ago in the search for better industrial data communication. There was just so much classing OPC in use, that getting companies to change was more difficult than I expected. Then there was the usual clash of thoughts about direction. But that […]

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