Motion Control Industry Consolidation

Motion Control Industry Consolidation

Manufacturing Connection Logo webI’m digesting information to write on from the conference I’m at now. But first, an interlude.

News of an interesting acquisition further consolidating the motion control industry comes from a perhaps unlikely source. Omron Corp. has entered into a stock purchase agreement to acquire a 100% stake in Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. of California. Delta Tau will become a member of the Omron Group. The acquisition is subject to customary conditions to closing. Omron expects the acquisition to close in early September, 2015.

The reason I categorize this as perhaps surprising is that there has been little news coming from Omron automation for a long time. Occasionally there will be some opportunities to meet and learn something. The last time for me was about two years ago.

Omron states the reason for the acquisition as part of a strategy to promote its development of factory automation technology and strengthen its sales capability in the control device business. Through the acquisition Omron aims to reinforce its technology development and engineering capabilities in the field of motion control designed to drive manufacturing equipment. Merging products and technologies of both companies will also enable delivery of optimized motion control solutions globally through combined distribution networks.

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