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Internet of Things Platform Comes to Maintenance Management

I returned from Hannover with a notebook filled with Internet of Things platform notes. Then I attend a teleconference press conference last week—and here is Internet of Things meets Maintenance Management. (OK, sounds like a B movie title, but it’s actually cool.) Fluke acquired eMaint late last year and last week unveiled the fruit of […]

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Wireless, Enhanced Sensing Lead Emerson Product Announcements

This is another long post—and it is a summary—running through many of the new products introduced to the press and analysts durning Emerson Exchange 2015. If any of these whet your appetite, visit the Emerson Process Website for more information. Another place to catch up on happenings at the conference is Jim Cahill’s Emerson Process […]

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Goals are Overrated, Substitute Energy for Passion

Mention Dilbert and the picture of smart, but socially inept, engineers mocking managers and executives pops immediately into mind. Being slightly self-mocking, Scott Adams, who created and draws the cartoon, Adams described himself who: is not a very good artist not a very good businessman (has more than 36 failed businesses) is never the funnies […]

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Metrology, Technology, And Predictive Maintenance

Fluke invited a group of partners, customers, and bloggers to its Everett, WA corporate facility on May 6 in order to take a deep technology dive into where Fluke is and where it is going from a product/technology point of view. The tone of the gathering was one of conversation where Fluke presented ideas and […]

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Significant Increases to Asset Management Portfolio At Bentley

Asset management, analytics, modeling, safety—some of the significant trends highlighted at last week’s ARC Industry in Transition Forum in Orlando—all popped up at the Bentley Systems press conference session. Highlights were acquisition of C3global and its Amulet Operational Analytics, acquisition of Acute3D and its reality modeling solution, and added process safety and risk management capabilities. […]

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Enhanced Asset Insights Drive Targeted Production Improvements

Asset performance management joined the Industrial Internet of Things as a key topic at the 2015 ARC Forum in Orlando. Here is a release from Meridium that reflects many of the trends—data collection, analysis, configurable display, mobility. Meridium Inc., global supplier of asset performance management (APM) software and services, announced the availability of Asset Answers […]

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Basic Machinery Health Prediction Data Available For More Assets

Here is a product release in the area of critical asset management. Prediction data is becoming more prevalent and critical in high performing production plants. Emerson Process Management has expanded the protection of critical assets to include basic prediction capabilities with only minimal time and wiring investments. These basic prediction capabilities for the CSI 6500 […]

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2015 Automation, Business, Manufacturing Prognostications

Let the debates begin! Jim Pinto has published his 2015 prognostications in the latest JimPintoBlog. Check out his entire list and enter your thoughts on his blog. I’ll highlight some of his thoughts and add some of my own.   Automation Industry Trends New inflection points will change the leadership lineup. GM—I do not expect […]

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Shipments of Connected Wearables To Reach 168 Million in 2019

Just like there is a difference between industrial and consumer Internet of Things, there is a difference between connected wearable devices for industrial and consumer use. Honeywell Process has shown the media examples of various geo-location wearable devices for several years to assist responders during an incident. Personnel have been wearing a variety of communication […]

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