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Internet of Things Market Consolidation Continues

The Internet of Things conversation for industrial/manufacturing application is certainly picking up steam. Meanwhile, I’m really intrigued by what PTC is up to. It recently acquired ThingWorx, now it has announced acquisition of Axeda. PTC is a company usually identified as “product lifecycle management” which is usually a term referring to design. The major players […]

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Phoenix Contact Integrates Manufacturing Software Unit

Phoenix Contact has recognized how important manufacturing software is in today’s integrated automation systems and, although it isn’t mentioned in the release, achieving real benefits from the coming Internet of Things technology wave. In this press release, Phoenix Contact announces that it is integrating its software unit, KW-Software GmbH, into its Control Systems business unit […]

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Leadership Change At Smart Manufacturing Coalition

The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition’s (SMLC) Board of Directors has elected Jim Wetzel, Technical Director of General Mills, to succeed Dean Bartles as Chair, effective immediately. CEO Denise Swink, states, “Jim Wetzel is well-recognized for his ability to strategize, lead large teams and drive technology growth and innovation at great scale. With 35 years of […]

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The Next Manufacturing Revolution Is Happening In Our Hands

The most important news of the summer in manufacturing had nothing to do directly with manufacturing. Apple and IBM are collaborating. This is a significant evolution of cultures. In the beginning, Apple portrayed itself as the anti-IBM. Now, neither makes most of its money from personal computers. IBM makes money from enterprise software and services. […]

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