I have been getting less and less out of Twitter and I’m noticing that the technology evangelists are starting to move away as well. Here’s a post from a couple of months ago from the guy who put Twitter on the map–Robert Scoble. And a Web Worker Daily post from this weekend about blogs. We try these things out, but some things stay the same. Blogs are just a method of publishing–anyone can become an editor, so to speak. The various connecting technologies–Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, IM, whatever–are for connecting people to their friends and acquaintances, but not so much for business. Magazines use Twitter for “link bait” to try to drive up search engine optimization and Web site hits. A couple of companies have used Twitter effectively for customer services–but actually it was just someone in the company. I bet when the hierarchy takes over they’ll kill it. The best I get is connecting with some people I know or Emerson’s Mike Boudreaux’s updates on process plants’ safety incidents on Twitter.

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