Good Feel For People

The human resources department of one large company I worked for traveled to the various manufacturing sites leading management seminars. I can still remember one where they put up one of those consultant’s 2x2 matrices. They compared “feel for people” versus...

Automate Report 5: Robots

This report from Automate 2024 consolidates robotic-oriented news from Doosan Robotics, Kossow Robots, InOrbit CoPilot, and Hirebotics. Collaborative Robots, or Cobots, are now just about everywhere. The software for these is innovative, often no-code, and...

Automate Report 2: Robots and More

The second of I don’t know how many reports from the Automate show in Chicago. This section is a five-part tour conducted with a PR person who works with someone I’ve known and respected for many years. The main theme of Automate derives from its genesis of the Robot...

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