Guardrails—Guiding Human Decisions

A personal development speaker I often listen to delivers a set of talks on developing personal guardrails designed to prevent us from going off the deep end emotionally and relationally. Similarly as we explore this new age of artificial intelligence (AI) people are...

Electric Power Where You Need It

I own an Ioniq 6 electric vehicle since about a year ago. There was a soccer association meeting I wanted to attend in Lima, Ohio, and I thought I’d combine it with a stop in my old home of Sidney, Ohio. Sidney has no chargers. There is one location in all of Shelby...

A Tale of Two Softwares

“It was the best of times; it was the worst…” No, that’s the Tale of Two Cities. This tale involves two of America’s largest automation companies—Emerson and Rockwell Automation. Several years ago both added “and software” to their marketing tag lines.  I never...

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