Smart Factory Transition

Collaborative Robots Assume Tedious Tasks

Senior leadership among leading automation companies has been regularly shifting during the past few years. ABB, Emerson Automation, GE Digital, Honeywell Process, Rockwell Automation have all experienced changes. Sometimes a few. ABB’s board evidently didn’t like the...

Tales from the Tech Unknown

Technology and Podcast Links

The spread of connected devices with the resultant flow of data throughout the industrial enterprise spurs concern for security and trustworthiness of that data. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and its members recognize this problem / challenge. I normally...

Tales from the Tech Unknown

Data Protection Best Practices White Paper

I’ve released a couple of podcasts recently. One was based on what I learned at the HPE Discover Conference and the other based on a conversation with Dell Technologies IoT and OEM CTO Jason Shepherd. These can also be seen on my YouTube channel. I have discovered...

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