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Have I Seen The Last Minds + Machines?

GE’s restructure includes sharp cuts at GE Digital. Jeff Imelt had a dream for GE. It would get on board the digital manufacturing train. They would ride it toward new modes of profitability. He built a division called GE Digital and spent a lot of money on it. Then profits and stock price took a […]

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It Is All About Maintaining the Efficient Plant

Efficiency—running a plant with maximum planned output, minimum waste, and best use of people and assets. A friend has refreshed and refocused his magazine on those concepts. Efficient Plant is the new generation of Maintenance Technology magazine. It includes the best of what they have done for years and upgraded to reflect advances in control, […]

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Wages and the Future of Workers

Steve Levine writing in Axios Future of Work notes: For many years, the economic rules were supported by both common sense and the data: When unemployment falls, wages rise soon after. But since the turn of the century and before, that relationship has broken down across the developed world, according to data from the OECD. […]

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Dick Morley Passing of a Pioneer

Sad news today. I heard the Dick Morley has passed away. Known as the father of the programmable logic controller (PLC), he was an inventor also associated with anti-lock braking systems for autos and floppy discs for computer memory storage. Later in life he applied his love and knowledge of physics to chocolate of all […]

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Industrial Internet Consortium Gaining Momentum With Partners and Testbed

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has been incredibly active over the past month. While I’ve been traveling, news releases and interview opportunities have been pouring in. In brief: IIC and Avnu Alliance Liaison IIC and the EdgeX Foundry Announce Liaison IIC Develops Smart Factory Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Testbed IIC Publishes Edge Computing Edition […]

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