Podcast – Metaverse Updated plus Twitter Thoughts

Update on the industrial metaverse essay and podcast given the Google, Facebook, and Microsoft news to AI, ChatGPT, and search ads. Thoughts on merger and acquisition including new thoughts on Emerson bid for NI. Finally, a new take on video for manufacturing. Sponsored by Ignition from Inductive Automation.

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Podcast 242 Hype Curve

I have published another podcast. Two developers reflecting on Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in terms of Gartner’s Hype Cycle–about getting enthused at the event and then reality settling in when the amount of work is realized. I reflect on the several trips I made in May and June in the same model. I’m not saying all I got was hype, but the trip from enthusiasm to realism is worth taking.

I have recorded podcast reflections on the ODVA meeting–237 It’s Too Complicated. Or, you can watch it on YouTube.

Taking a step back to look at some trends, some other networking news and developments you can find at The Manufacturing Connection include 5G and private networking and chip advances. This topic will heat up this year as more companies implement advanced networks for bandwidth and security.

Companies who have developed advanced product information management applications have been a new addition to my coverage. These companies develop algorithms and math to handle the complexity of managing huge numbers of product variations and supply chain issues.

A few years back the hot topic was IoT. Companies had IoT groups. Websites (and businesses around them) sprang up. I even got some business based on covering connectivity (read IoT). The groups have been disbanded. Coverage is changing. Stacey Higgenbotham of Stacey on IoT recently discussed her expanded areas of coverage. HPE’s Tom Bradicich still writes on IoT issues, but his position at HPE changed and broadened. HPE now refers to Edge-to-Cloud. I’ve always been broader than IoT, so I am not really affected. But I find how markets change interesting.

Open Source Software continues to make advances. There is continual news coming from the Linux Foundation and Industrial IoT Consortium.

Podcasts have been on my daily agenda for twenty years. Here are some recents that are interesting and educating:

Analysts Benedict Evans and Toni Cowen-Brown discuss current tech trends at Another Podcast. Check out “Asking Dumb Questions.”

John Gruber of Daring Fireball interviews Ken Locienda about the origins of the iPhone.

Listen to the most impassioned plea for science and math education I’ve heard on Moira Gunn’s TechNation podcast interview with George Yancopoulos.

I’ve practiced varieties of health and fitness activities for years. Peter Attia, MD, has become a favored source of information. Check out How Fructose Drives Metabolic Disease and The Science of Obesity.

Podcast 231 Are You Being Served?

I’ve unleashed another podcast into the wild. Find it on Overcast or your podcast player of choice.

While thinking about the proliferation of as-a-service models of business, thoughts of that 70s and 80s British comedy TV show came to mind. Are you being served? Proved feasible by Salesforce and then adopted by many including recently HPE as the strategy for the entire company, we are witnessing automation companies exploring the as-a-service business model. I wonder how far it will go.

Taking the Edge of Edge Compute Into Outer Space

We talk about the Edge here. Usually that means taking compute out to the factory or process with connections back to the cloud for more intensive compute. Michael Bird does some informative and entertaining podcasts called Technology Untangled. The latest one discussing taking Edge Compute into space isn’t on the Website, yet, but I’ve linked to my favorite podcast app Overcast for your listening pleasure.

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