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Personal Productivity For The New Year #10StepsBook

Michael Sliwinski, developer and CEO of the productivity app I use called Nozbe, has written a new book—10 Steps To Ultimate Productivity. He has been crowdsourcing the editing—obtaining ideas from a large cross-section of users. It’s been an interesting process, although I’ve travelled some during the process and have only contributed ideas to a few […]

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10 Skills to Cultivate For Personal Growth

I’ve been going through a number of notes accumulating over the past few months. Most relate to personal development and growth. This one I picked up from Kevin Roberts–long time leader in the advertising industry. These are all important skills. If you’re unsure where you are and where to begin–try active listening. That is a […]

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Working Deeply–Podcast 151

My 151st podcast on personal productity dives into “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World” by Cal Newport. also viewable on YouTube. Newport differentiates the work that will lead you to success (deep work–thinking) from that work that just fills time (shallow work–answering email, reading Facebook, etc.). He provides tips on organizing […]

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