During the heyday of Getting Things Done productivity, I used an app called Nozbe for personal productivity. Perhaps less productivity as in a place to collect things and then generate lists which are the essence of tackling tasks. Over time I noticed that all the productivity apps generated to team collaboration for getting things done.

This new app seems to be a bit oversold (marketing fluff at the beginning) but it does fit a couple of trends of people working together and getting new employees up to speed quickly. Like many of the things I’ve written about for the past lot of years, I wish I could try it out to see how real it is. But the concept is solid.

BILT, the operational enablement tool, announced today a new feature tailored to professional technicians and tradespeople tasked with upskilling a new generation of workers. The latest app update introduces project sharing, a collaboration feature designed to enhance on-the-job enablement. Some educators expect trainees may be able to successfully install products in the field without ever having touched the equipment in the classroom if they have familiarized themselves with the 3D instructions.

“BILT is a game-changer in a training environment,” says Lab Instructor Christie Peterson of the San Francisco Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee for Local 6. She says “BILT is absolutely the next step in the evolution of training and ideal for apprentices.”

With the new project sharing function, technicians and tradespeople can:

  1. Streamline teamwork: Now, users can easily invite colleagues to work together on complex projects, ensuring tasks are completed with precision and speed.
  2. Collaborate in real-time: Teams can synchronize efforts on the job, eliminating communication gaps to promote a smooth workflow.
  3. Follow 3D interactive guidance: Images and animations on the 3D app can be manipulated to suit an individual user’s perspective to enable a comprehensive understanding of each task’s intricacy.
  4. Contribute feedback: BILT garners ratings, reviews, and user feedback and provides managers with analytics and insights to identify pain points and potential delays.

“Project sharing fosters a dynamic, collaborative environment that boosts productivity,” says BILT Chairman & CEO Nate Henderson. He says the tool is uniquely attuned to helping professional technicians facilitate teamwork, reduce errors, and improve training.

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