Tech Podcast and Numbers

Tech Podcast and Numbers

Gary on Manufacturing Podcast 200 has been published.

I have been podcasting in a variety of formats since around 2007. Obviously frequency is a problem. After I left magazine publishing, I spent some time figuring which direction to go.

This podcast (sponsored by Inductive Automation) gives a quick recap of where the podcast has been and then I take a look at challenges for industrial tech for the future.

On another note, yesterday I published two blog posts regarding market intelligence (or, lack thereof) reports.

One showed transparent methodology that yields granular data that is perhaps as trustworthy as possible.

The other had to have been a huge SWAG (strategic wild-assed guess). It was not transparent (despite the name of the firm including the word “transparent”) with results not passing the smell test.

The other press releases I get this time of year are magazine awards. I know how the sausage is made. I also heard John C. Dvorak once an editor with PC Magazine back in the day say the same things about PC Mag’s editor awards. Suffice to say, I don’t report on them. I’m happy the companies got an award for their relationship with the magazine, but it’s not relevant to this site.

Good information is so hard to come by. Sometimes I like to stir things up, but mostly I just like to give a clear unbiased view.

Let’s just say I can still remember my roots when I actually worked for a living–life on the line getting projects done and manufacturing producing.

Podcast 194 Beware Hype

Podcast 194 Beware Hype

Podcast 194 of my long-running series—Beware Hype of OT and IT

Platforms come and go–sometimes quickly with turns in technology. IoT platforms were all the rage. Just like IT/OT Convergence and other hyped tech. But engineers are quietly working together to apply the technologies to solve business and industrial problems. Don’t watch the hype. Notice when everyone is using it.

This podcast is sponsored by Ignition from Inductive Automation.

Podcast 194 Beware Hype

Technology and Podcast Links

I’ve released a couple of podcasts recently. One was based on what I learned at the HPE Discover Conference and the other based on a conversation with Dell Technologies IoT and OEM CTO Jason Shepherd. These can also be seen on my YouTube channel.

I have discovered more interest in the IT side of things on my podcasts. One I recorded a few months ago has hit more than 3.2K downloads. Interesting where the industry is going.

As I became recognized as the independent writer/analyst in the Industrial Internet of Things market, this infographic came my way. I don’t really have the right site to publish it, but here is a link–80 Internet of Things Statistics. Interesting.

The podcasts:

192 Why and OT guy goes to IT conferences — mostly based on trip to HPE Discover conference.

193 Open Source, IT and OT and Dell Tech — mostly on interview with Dell Tech’s CTO for IoT Jason Shepherd.

Podcast 194 Beware Hype

Podcasts and Education Opportunities

I’ve been busy behind the microphone lately. Here is news about my latest Gary on Manufacturing podcast (I’m taking suggestions for a new name since I cover a much broader area than manufacturing) plus a conversation I had for an SAP-sponsored podcast with the famous Tamara McCleary for a series called TechUnknown. Finally, I will refer you to an education resource Website.

Gary on Manufacturing 191

Podcast 191–If we are ever going to finally bring IT and OT together, indeed break through all of a company’s silos, it will be through adopting coaching as a key component of the manager’s tool kit. I reference Trillion Dollar Coach by Schmidt, Rosenberg, and Eagle—a book about legendary Bill Campbell and how his coaching made the difference for executives at Google, Apple, and many more Silicon Valley companies. I also take a look at another Bill—Bill Gates—whose 10 top tech trends and 10 top challenges to solve appeared in this spring’s MIT Technology Review.

TechUnknown Podcast

I had an entertaining and informative conversation with Tamara McCleary. How do you manage the human element of automation & #AI adoption? I share my thoughts on real-life applications for #IIoT with @TamaraMcCleary on the @SAP #TechUnknown podcast.

Earn a Masters Degree

Industries of all sorts have a need for data scientists. I heard from a publicist for a Website that consolidates and explains degree programs in that area. If you or someone you know wants career advancement or change, check out this page.

I Am Featured on a New Podcast On Thin Clients

I Am Featured on a New Podcast On Thin Clients

Several companies are beginning to get on the podcast bandwagon. Good for them. I’ve subscribed to a few. Here’s one I just found out about. Actually, I found out about it because I’m featured on its latest podcast called The Plant.

This podcast is from the Thin Manager group within Rockwell Automation. This is the former ACP that was acquired by Rockwell a couple of years ago. I’d known that company from its first years.

The product and technology consists of thin clients. I balked a little at first because my roots were with the old centralized computing architecture where you just had a terminal–if you were lucky. You were stuck with whatever IT gave you, and heaven help you if you asked for anything more.

The thin client paradigm gave users much more power and flexibility yet gave IT much more ability for such things as version control and security. Sort of a “best of both worlds” of centralized IT and flexible PCs.

Give it a listen.

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