Can You Cost Your Company Billions?

No one can figure out Elon Musk. Erratically brilliant, I’ve heard. How can he cost himself and his investors billions? Spouting off support for a white nationalist post on his social media platform X. 2,000 years ago this wisdom was published, “How great a forest is...

Beyond ChatGPT

Bill Gates produces an occasional interview podcast called Unconfuse Me. I listened to Episode 5 today with AI computer scientist Yejin Choi.  Few people are better at explaining the science of artificial intelligence than Yejin Choi. She’s a computer science...

A Stronger and Simpler Ignition Edge

One of my 2023 themes has built on paraphrasing Paul Simon’s At the Zoo, “They say it’s all happening at the Edge.” During my brief career as an IT Influencer, I was the “edge” guy. Just as I recently asked about the future of embedded control, I’m also curious about...

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