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What Sort of Person Will You Be in 2020?

A soccer referee friend shared this on another site. Being a personal development fanatic, I collect these habit disciplines, sort through them annually (or more often), and make intentional decisions about what sort of person I wish to work toward this year. Check...

Cobot and Mobile drive robot market growth

Cobot and Mobile drive robot market growth

I have received three different robotic market research reports from two different research firms. Both of these firms seem to do the work that it takes. I've done some private contract research and analysis and have an grasp on the work it takes. These reports have...

US Government Smart Manufacturing Institute

GE Digital Upgrade to Historian

Proficy Historian 8.0, that GE Digital recently launched. It is aimed at addressing steadily increasing industrial data as the number of industrial edge devices and sensors increases. New significant enhancements to our industry-leading Historian software are aimed...

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