Cycles of marketing thought intrigue me. Suddenly PR people are flooding my email inbox with offers to interview CTOs of security companies who wish to comment on how cybersecurity breaches are a major cause of downtime. I chose this one to post for now partly because it’s a new company. I’m also intrigued by how the IT guy from Uber thinks he can disrupt industrial automation.

Oh, and yes, this is yet another survey done by a developer company. It’s the new way to generate media coverage when you don’t have a new product to release. And, yes, I’m an enabler.

In brief:

  • Copia Automation Finds $4.2M Per Hour Lost in Manufacturing from Cybersecurity Breaches and Coding Errors
  • Survey of 200 U.S. executives on the emergence of Industrial DevOps reveals half of all downtime is caused by programming mistakes

Another point. Copia is taking the IT idea of DevOps (see previous blog post) into industrial settings much as HighByte did with DataOps.

Copia Automation, empowering companies to gain end-to-end visibility and control of their operational technology, released its first annual State of Industrial DevOps Report today, the first survey of its kind on the application of information technology (IT) DevOps principles and practices to the industrial sector. The report reveals that industrial coding errors cause manufacturing shutdowns lasting 30 hours on average, costing $4.2M per hour and $126M per shutdown. Half of all downtime is caused by industrial code changes, code confusion, lack of visibility into industrial code, and issues with programmable logic controllers (PLCs). 

The survey highlights significant vulnerabilities in operational technology (OT) — the software and hardware that control industrial equipment. A possible cause for these is ad hoc fixes in industrial programming, with 79% of respondents saying they are commonplace. 

“The cost of downtime minimizes or eliminates the margin between profitability and failure for manufacturers,” said Copia Co-founder and CEO Adam Gluck. “With coding errors and cybersecurity breaches shown as significant causes for downtime, manufacturers need to take every technological measure to protect their bottom line and ensure continuous operations with enhanced productivity. Industrial DevOps delivers the technology and the process-change to do this.”

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