Yesterday was a company holiday. I did some work, but mostly did husband things and recovered from the weekend conclusion of a three-week marathon. Had both of my kids (along with two grandkids) in the house at the same time for the first time in five years. The two-year-old knows I’ll play with him, so he proceeded to wear me out. It’s a joy. I’ll enjoy the visit to my massage therapist this afternoon 😉

You can join me Thursday afternoon at 2 pm EDT for a Webcast with a slightly different tone than some others. This is software-focused and specifically on Product Data Management–how automating it can speed time to market, reduce costs and improve product quality among other things. There will be a user speaking about the benefits he received. Register at Automation World

Here are some of the recent things I’ve been reading:

Think you know everything about Search Engine Optimization? Here’s a post saying it’s not something that someone with a brain or a soul should undertake. (I agree with him for the most part.)

Chris Brogan offers tips for a problem many of us have–getting more email requests than we can handle.

Having trouble with your to-do list. Here’s a tip–there’s no task easier than no task.

Here are 34 reminders for a fulfilled life.

Greg McMillan has been at it again with more Exceptional Opportunities in Process Control — Online Metrics. If you haven’t caught the rest of the series, check this one out at least.

So, you see, I haven’t been slacking entirely.

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