Have you all tried the new Netbook category of portable computing devices? I have not, yet. I still carry my 15-in. MacBook Pro everywhere. It packs some weight, but it is my entire office. Now that I have a new blogging platform that is accessible over the Web, perhaps it’s time for me to consider traveling with lighter equipment.

I used to use a Palm similar to a tablet PC. Then I thought integrating it with a phone would be cool. But the Treo was a disaster, and I didn’t want to wait for the Pre (good thing). Some people want to use the iPhone like a tablet, but typing on those screens is a pain. I still like the original Graffiti of the old Palms. Now that I have a Blackberry Storm (OK device, not outstanding, but workable), mobile Web and email are good, and even contacts and calendar. Camera is OK. But note taking and document editing is impossible.

I’ve gone back to 3×5 cards for thoughts and note taking. Drawback is manually loading them on my computer productivity software (something missing in the productivity part–automation editor is not automated, hmm what a headline). If the rumored Apple tablet has pen input, maybe that would be a winner?

Dave Winer has an interesting analysis of the netbook phenomenon. Is there a similar thing in manufacturing and automation?

Ah, so many gadgets, so little time. What works best for you? What works in manufacturing?

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