It’s July 4. The Continental Congress Adopted the Declaration of Independence formalizing war against Britain. Sometimes in all our animosity, we forget what started the whole thing. And why people around the world think we’re idealists. Therefore, it’s also a good day to reread the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution–the “Bill of Rights.” And read the whole thing, not just the parts you like 😉

A good follow up is to read The Federalist Papers. Madison continues to color my political thinking (although I identify my politics as “Jeffersonian” on Facebook). This book is a collection of essays showing how the founders of the government thought about competing forces and why they developed the Constitution. You’d be amazed how forward thinking they were. They foresaw that Congress could become captive to special interests and therefore put in some of the checks and balances on power. There’s more good reading in the Papers.

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