I was just thinking about the overhead compartment situation last Thursday, and then I saw this article in The New York Times about the stresses of crew and passengers since so many people are trying to avoid the fees for checking baggage. Actually, I just don’t want to wait for my bag in the terminal. Sometimes it just feels good to avoid the hassle of dragging the carry-on through the terminal.

The writer talks about courtesy. I fly often on ERJ regional jets. 1A and 3B,C are bulkhead seats. As a frequent flyer, I get first access. I believe that the three people in those seats should also be permitted to board early, too. It would save a lot of grief when these people come in last and people have taken their overhead space. Especially those who don’t want to put briefcases under the seat in front. In over 90% of my flights, 2A (also a frequent flyer–I’m almost always in 3A) puts his briefcase in the overhead above 3 B,C. It’s really hard to stretch out in those small seats, and the flights are all pretty short. Usually no more than 2 hours. I don’t know what’s so hard about having a little courtesy for the bulkhead people.

OK, enough for the rant.

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