It seems I’ve read in both science and philosophy my entire life. I can remember early in high school reading the complete works of Freud and studying what each of the 13 (or however many) grids in a vacuum tube did to current, voltage, impedance or whatever. It’s no wonder I’ve turned out so poorly. My politics were formed in a prior era that seems to have little relevance today–but mostly through reading the “founding fathers” thoroughly. I list “Jeffersonian” on one of my social media profiles–partly because no one knows what that is anymore.

So, I run into people who think I’m a natural for that emotional movement running amok these days that also picked a Revolutionary War-era name. But I’m not. Finally figured out why. It’s attitude. I do not share their attitude toward life, politics, other people. It’s not about ideology, it’s about attitude.

Also, I’ve turned from being a “True Believer” (read Eric Hoffer if you don’t catch the meaning) into more of a practical bent. Therefore, what I like better is the “Coffee Party” movement. I hope that’s a little tongue in cheek, and they are a little Quixotic, I suppose, but they’re more fun and have substantial change in mind–not just an “I want mine and I want it now” attitude. Try a couple of thoughts on for size from Fix Congress First. Democracy Meetup. Call a Convention.

I don’t discuss politics. I find it boring to just shout one’s opinion over the top of someone else’s opinion. A real discussion about ideas is cool–but I haven’t seen one of those break out in 30 years.

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