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Here’s a management lesson. Be careful what you ask for. Similar to salesforce compensation–do you pay on gross sales or gross margin? It’s what you want. In this case, the National Football League has been promoting “big hits” for 15 years. I noticed years ago that defenders stopped tackling and started going for big hits–sometimes missing the tackle as a result. Now, all of a sudden as a reaction to an outcry about the number of concussions, it wants to change. Players are puzzled. They were taught to play one way, now they are awarded $25,000 fines for making the same hits that used to get them on highlights. Check this New York Times article.

Nancy Duarte is a great resource for making great presentations. Here she summarizes two years of research for a book in 46 words.

Leo Babueta of Zen Habits has a new book out. Here are some thoughts on organizing your workday with focus.

A note on Slashdot about finding a galaxy whose light reaching us originated only 600 million years after the Big Bang.

From a new personal development blog I’m following, Dumb Little Man, here are 7 great motivational thoughts from Zig Ziglar.

A two-fer from Seth Godin: Two problems with whining and Efficiency is Free.

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