I’m leaving Saturday for Nuremberg and the SPS/Drives show. Only get one full day there–Tuesday–so I can be home for Thanksgiving. (Well, not home, exactly, but at my daughter’s.) I’m lining up appointments. Already sorry that my logistics don’t work out perfectly and I’ll miss what promises to be a very interesting press conference <sigh/>. Yes, Carl, I have noted your booth number and will stop by. Anyone else going? I’m free for dinner Tuesday night. Maybe a “tweet up” or something?

Can you believe, 1,400 exhibitors? Remember the day? I’ve never done this show. Really looking forward to it. Even if all my “junk” may be on display for the TSA (people). (Assuming you’ve read all the controversies, so far, about the full body scans. I’ve already been through one. Survived.)

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