(UPDATED) ODVA, the organization that shepherds the CIP networks (Common Industrial Protocol–DeviceNet, Control Net, CompoNet and EtherNet/IP), gathered its members March 1 – 3 in Phoenix for its 14th Annual Meeting.

Tuesday was devoted to Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings. Today’s meetings kicked off with a report of the Technical Review Board and the SIGs with paper presentations filling the rest of today. The annual meeting of members takes place tomorrow.

ODVA Chief Technology Officer, Rich Harwell, introduced the work of the SIGs. Each of the groups presented its results since the last annual meeting. He also announced the formation of two new SIGs–Energy and Rail Transport.

All of the SIGs have been busy since the last meeting. A few notable advances include working out a way to address SERCOS III devices on the CIP Safety network, integrating data from Modbus (TCP and serial) into CIP networks, and adding analog I/O to CIP safety.

More later.

ODVA CTO Rich Harwell

Paul Didier of Cisco and Eddie Lee of Moxa told the assembly about an ODVA White Paper that is about to be released on network security. The paper is targeted to implementers of CIP networks. The paper identifies three types of connection–isolated single controller; isolated multiple controllers; and enterprise connected controllers. The paper identifies some best practices for each level, with one level building upon another. I’m sure I’ll have more to discuss when the white paper is released and I can point you to it.

Paul Didier and Eddie Lee present a paper on Ethernet security

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