No, this isn’t about immigration policy. I see that Borders Bookstores are closing. I’m a culprit. I’ve bought books from since at least 1998. Love the service and convenience. I still love to browse bookstores, though. There’s a serendipity about finding a new treasure.

But bookstores have it tough. The price isn’t really higher (given postage to mail books from Amazon), but the perception exists. I don’t think e-books have put that big of a dent in the market, yet.

One thing I’ve noticed over the last five years or so. Where there were racks and racks of computer books, now there are only a few shelves. Where once there were racks and racks of business books, now there are only a few shelves. I wonder why that is.

Still lots of current events–political books evidently sell even though I don’t read them. Lots of kids books. Not so much SciFi. Cooking and music books are still plentiful.

Maybe someone could study our culture in terms of shelf space in bookstores?

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