One thing I’ve tried to do for years is figure out a way to get representatives of all the various industrial Ethernet networks together in one place. Cut the BS. Answer the pointed questions. Let people figure out what works best for them.

Well, it’s finally happening May 23 at The Automation Conference. I will be moderating a panel of experts. If you come, you can get your questions answered. All erroneous “facts” spouted by one organization about another can be outed and let the truth fall where it may.

The session is dubbed: “What’s the Difference? An Examination of the Fiedlbus & Ethernet Network Protocol Options”.

Presenter are:
Chuck Lukasik, Director, CC-Link Partner Association;
Joey Stubbs, North American Rep, EtherCAT Technology Group;
Rich Harwell, Chief Technology Officer for ODVA and Advanced Solutions Manager at Eaton, representing Ethernet/IP;
Carl Henning, Deputy Director, PI North America representing PROFINET;
Shaun Kneller, Key Accounts Mgr. at B&R Industrial Automation, representing Ethernet PowerLink;
Scott Hibbard, VP Technology Factory Automation at Bosch Rexroth Corp., representing SERCOS North America.

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