I am in Orlando attending my 16th ARC Advisory Group World Manufacturing Forum. Seems to be around the same attendance as usual. Lots of enthusiasm and energy this year. I’m connecting with many people as I explore the next stage of my professional career.

Later today when I get a break, I’ll finish reporting on the press conferences that were held Monday. Invensys Operations Management, Yokogawa, Inductive Automation, Schneider Electric and the Telecommunications Industry Association along with OPC Foundation all had announcements.

I guess the biggest things right now would be the breakout of Inductive Automation from the small, rebel company in the HMI/SCADA and MES space (cloud based, different sales model) to a larger visibility and Schneider Electric showing some automation and control products. The past few years it has emphasized the power side of the company.

I’m digesting a lot of information right now. And very shortly I hope to be digesting some breakfast. Then more later when I get a break.

If you are down here, catch the social media panel on Thursday at 8:30. I’m on it representing media. Jon DiPietro will be giving a presentation on the Doppler Effect of social media — sort of the idea that things change very quickly in that space and many people just don’t keep up.

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