My free time to devote to updating and publicizing this blog has dwindled significantly over the past couple of years. So, the number of posts per week have also declined. Yet I still have a few thousand loyal readers (thank you all). I’m taking steps to re-orient my life and reclaim some time.

A more vibrant version of this long-running publication is coming next week–or at least updated more frequently.

More on this later. Meanwhile, I’m heading to the ARC Forum in Orlando Feb. 11 – 14. If you are there, be sure to look me up. And watch for reports and updates of the sessions and news. Regardless of the sessions–and I know that Andy Chatha works hard to bring the best he can–this is still the one single venue where you can mingle with a wide cross-section of industry professionals. The hallway and reception conversations are among the industry’s best.

As I work on freshening up the site and content, please let me know either in the comments or by email what you’d like to see–or not.

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