I’ve been telling a few people at a time and it seems like I need to write here my big thing for 2013. Andy Stanley, a speaker I listen to regularly, recently spoke on “what’s your big thing for 2013.” For the past year or so, I’ve been increasingly sensing a call for change. Seems like so much of my reading has been evolving in that direction.

There are things I want to create and new ideas to explore. So, last month I decided that it was time. After 10 years with the magazine I helped start, it was time to change. I needed a new focus and time to create. So, I have “retired” from active management. I’ll be pursuing some new ideas–some of which I hope will pay my bills eventually 😉

But I will still be writing in the industrial automation and manufacturing space. Many new opportunities have surfaced over the past few days. There are interesting things to work on.

David Greenfield is taking over at Automation World. He knows much more than I about putting out a magazine, so continue to read that one. Not to mention that I’ll be writing a column in the pundit section. I also write columns in other places. Maybe I’m becoming a poor man’s Jim Pinto.

So, if you need a consultant on various aspects of marketing or product development, or if you need a speaker for hire, or a writer, I’m open.

I will be at the ARC Forum next week. Watch here for news I pick up. And stop me for a chat if you’re there.

What’s your big thing for 2013?

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