Business application software supplier, Infor announced “Infor Ming.le,” a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement and contextual analytics. Infor Ming.le is embedded within systems such as ERP, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), so employees across all areas of the business can communicate and collaborate, and easily follow people, assets, and processes relevant to the task at hand. Information such as documents, plans, photos, and videos are maintained in a centralized location with relevant activity captured to allow easy access by those who need it.

Ming.le offers a user experience that resembles the most widely-used consumer social networking tools to help deliver relevant data to employees, connect colleagues by functional responsibility, and reduce reliance on less efficient processes like email. Through Infor Ming.le, users are able not only to talk about work issues, but to solve them directly in the application, which can lead to an increase in productivity.

Infor ION technology connects Infor and non-Infor applications, storing information in a common format and repository. Based on OAGIS standards, all applications using ION publish in XML, the language of the internet; and every business event or transaction processed within the ION technology produces an XML document that is stored in the Business Vault, a reservoir for transaction data from multiple business systems enabling more flexible, powerful reporting, business intelligence, and analytics. Infor Ming.le leverages the power of ION to help unify business applications and their data into a single intuitive interface that is as easy to use as Facebook or Twitter.

Harnessing the “Internet of Things”

This application connects users to virtual representations of business objects, machines, and data in addition to colleagues. Identified objects, ranging from purchase orders to power generators, provide real-time updates to interested parties across the organization directly through the application. Users can subscribe to these updates, receiving an alert upon every action and interaction related to the object, with each stored in an auditable trail in the feed.

Other news

Infor also announced general availability of Infor 10x, an enterprise release that marks a major step forward in achieving the company’s vision. Infor 10x unites a multi-purpose middleware platform featuring social, mobile, analytical, and cloud capabilities with Infor’s suite of solutions. All major applications feature a reinvented HTML5 user experience, the new Infor Ming.le collaboration platform, and pervasive in-context analytics embedded throughout workflows that are packaged within the Infor ION integration framework. The release combines innovation with a consumer-inspired user-experience to make business software flexible, agile and easier to use.

Infor 10x enables customers to design, build and deploy custom mobile applications to address specific business needs and integrate them with existing software applications.

The company also announced Infor Sky Vault a big data initiative that leverages Infor ION, micro-vertical expertise, and dashboards developed by Infor ION BI experts and designed by Hook & Loop, Infor’s Manhattan-based in-house design agency.

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