Google GlassThe tech world is buzzing with speculation about Google Glass. Robert Scoble, who made a name for himself (and probably got a big head from it) by first popularizing Twitter years ago, proclaims he’ll never take them off. OK, his wife says that there are times he’d better.

If you have been living a sheltered life for the past few months, Google Glass is another one of those famous Google beta projects. It has been released only to developers and a select few tech pundits. It connects to your (Android) smartphone and projects a screen that you can see by looking slightly up.

There are two interfaces. You can push on the side bar. You can say, “OK Glass” and then give it a command. Presently the best thing going for it is the ability to take pictures easily. We’ll know more when developers start figuring out things to do with it.

Old idea

I wrote about this idea around the year 2000 when I saw a concept of a pair of glasses that could project screens for the user. I remember seeing a prototype where a maintenance technician could see the pdf of a drawing superimposed over the machine he was working on. Don’t think I heard anything more about it. But the concept was fascinating.

Now I’m wondering how we could use those in manufacturing and production.

What would you tell a developer that you could use Google Glass for? Better yet, are any readers actually developers? I personally know several who are. What could you develop with a wearable, hands-free, Internet-connected device? Thoughts?

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