Web-based user interfaces for applications is becoming an expected part of the package these days. Even though the PR people who wrote the release for this announcement wrote as if this is revolutionary and new, everyone knows what a browser is and expects a Web interface.

That said, it is good the AspenTech has added Web-interface to its package. Significantly more interesting to me is the addition of a content marketplace. This is an idea that has sprouted over the past couple of years. I’d hope that AspenTech continues to develop this idea and find innovative ways to build on the foundation. Listed below are highlights of the company’s product enhancements.

Aspen Technology Inc. kicked off its OPTIMIZE 2013 user conference with the launch of industry innovations for process manufacturing and significant enhancements to the company’s Engineering and Manufacturing and Supply Chain products. The V8.2 release of aspenONE software features:

aspenONE. A web-based user interface allows process industry professionals to work with aspenONE software anytime, anywhere. Enterprises can now empower the broadest range of users to tap AspenTech software–without specialized product training or desktop installation.

aspenONE Exchange. This process industry content marketplace provides a one-stop shop for engineers to source equipment data, third-party content, and AspenTech resources directly from Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS for faster, more accurate process design. Using aspenONE Exchange’s search capability, engineers now have one location to search to find the right information at the right time to build more detailed models earlier in the design process. By providing content in aspenONE Exchange, equipment manufacturers and third-party developers can directly reach the industry’s largest cross section of process engineers.

Aspen PIMS Platinum. Aspen PIMS Platinum software provides refinery planners with an intuitive, web-based interface that allows planners to evaluate multiple scenarios quickly. Version 8.2 of Aspen PIMS Platinum adds the ability to run planning cases and modify data directly in flowsheet views to easily identify market opportunities. Planners can now visualize constraints, evaluate economics, and see the immediate impact of adjustments to the plan to make more profitable decisions.

Advances in aspenONE Engineering software. The latest product enhancements include expanded solids modeling capabilities in Aspen Plus software for specialty chemicals and agro-chemicals industries; new “Plant View” functionality to allow engineers to select specific real-time information and visualize how those plant variables have performed over time for better decision support and troubleshooting; and enhancements to Aspen Economic Evaluation software that allow engineers to ensure designs comply with API RP 14C safety requirements for more accurate economic evaluation of oil and gas assets from conceptual design to detailed cost estimation.

Watch for the launch of The Manufacturing Connection coming soon. “Connecting things, data and people in a digital world promoting manufacturing excellence.”

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