Marketing for EngineersRebecca Geier was the first marketing person I met at National Instruments in my first year after leaving manufacturing for media. She has remained a friend whom I respect.

A few years ago she left NI and founded TREW Marketing–an agency specializing in helping clients develop and execute marketing projects to an engineering customer.

She has written a book Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences which launches in mid-December on Amazon. She explains the book in a recent blog post.

She sent an early copy of the book to read and review. This is a comprehensive guide to the latest thinking of inbound marketing. It will help you understand the marketing landscape and also understand the unique ways to engage engineers.

Marketing To Technically Minded Audiences

Geier states on her blog, “I have seen firsthand that marketing to technically minded audiences does in fact work, but it has to be as smart as the people it targets. For small engineering and scientific businesses with limited resources or business and sales leaders wearing multiple hats, it’s difficult to even know where to start. And you’re skeptical that the new inbound approach to marketing will even work with your technical audiences.”

Here are three keys to understand the challenge.

“I wrote this book for you. Three points led me to decide to write this book:

  1. Engineers are smart, so our marketing needs to be equally smart, and trustworthy
  2. Buyers are in control…they decide when, where and what they will search on and do it mostly on Google
  3. Marketers now have the challenge and opportunity to get found when our target engineering audiences are searching”

If you are a company CEO or marketing director, do yourself a favor and not only buy the book, but digest its message.

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