No less a thinker and scientist than Albert Einstein extolled the value of curiosity. A lifelong pursuit of learning is the mark of being human. This month kicks off what would have been conference season complete with airline and hotel reservations. However, we are now sitting quietly in our offices checking out new things. This week and next we have opportunities to learn about

How about what’s new with robotics and peripherals? I was a little late getting to this due to pressing matters. But you can pick up what you missed today and listen in the rest of the week to the RIA Robotics Week Virtual Conference and Trade Show.

How about machine technology and automation? Next week’s feature is the IMTS Network Streaming Sept 14-18.

In the midst of the IMTS week comes the Inductive Automation Ignition Community Conference
Sept 15. I am missing my annual trip to Folsom, California, although given the bad weather enhancing forest fires, perhaps this is a good year to miss. You can pick up all the action here.

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