It had to happen sooner or later—GenerativeAI Large Language Model (LLM) for human-machine interface applications. Funny that nowhere in the press release do they mention HMI while using more awkward workaround phrasing. Maybe that is a Finish translation?

  • Generative AI Large Language Model (LLM) technology for operational environments, bridging knowledge and language barriers between industrial workers and OT systems
  • On-premise edge based MX Workmate solution enables connected workers to get contextually relevant real-time information and query OT-systems in a secure and reliable way using natural language
  • OT-compliant MX Workmate automated IT/OT knowledge retrieval, eases interaction between workers and systems to drive efficiency, productivity and worker safety

MX Workmate leverages Generative AI (GenAI) and large language module (LLM) technologies to generate contextual, human-like language content based on real-time OT data, enabling workers to understand complex machines, get real time status information and industries to achieve greater flexibility, productivity, sustainability, as well as improve worker safety.

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