Someone else is going to transform the industry. OK, I have worn many Augmented Reality glasses in demos at trade shows. They are cool, but it still looked like a solution searching for a problem. Meanwhile, the Apple Vision Pro supports both AR and Virtual Reality (VR). Everyone is talking about how cool the VR part is for immersive movies. No one has been talking about the AR capabilities.

Until, now. has introduced an what they call an “innovative approach to manufacturing that is set to transform the industry.” They are combining the ability to talk to machines sucking in data and visualizing it in real time using the Apple Vision Pro in AR mode.

  • uses machine learning and AI to detect, classify, and segment defects, and carry out predictive maintenance.
  • Manufacturers can even spot defects along production lines without direct observation, all without the need to be seated in a back office.
  • This integration facilitates instant access to production data and charts, empowering on-the-spot monitoring, defect analysis, statistical insights, and yield optimization, all with unparalleled ease and accuracy, right on the factory floor.’s innovative approach is rooted in being data agnostic, a concept that ensures seamless integration of various data types. Whether it’s images, tabular data, or time series, their system effortlessly accommodates them all.

Business reasons. According to recent reports, the global AI Industrial Vision Inspection Service market is valued at US$ 332 million in 2022. What’s more staggering is its projected growth trajectory. By 2029, this market is expected to skyrocket to a value of US$ 1156.2 million, boasting a compound annual growth rate of 19.7%.

Tareq, CEO of, told me when I asked about walking through a manufacturing plant wearing one of these things, “The Apple Vision Pro uses augmented reality (AR) to enhance, not hinder, your interaction with the environment. Its AR display is designed to subtly complement your real-world view. Whether it’s showing data labels, instructions, or visual enhancements, everything is carefully designed to be unobtrusive, blending seamlessly into your surroundings.”

Second, when will it actually be available? “Averroes is an AI platform that now allows manufacturers to automatically generate visual inspection APIs from models, including anomaly detection, using a no-code approach. With minimal data and no need for extensive support, manufacturers can develop these models efficiently, utilizing the Apple Vision Pro as their imaging system. The platform is not open to the public and is available exclusively to enterprise clients with a subscription.”

Why? There are other, cheaper solutions. “There has always been a demand for inspecting products in environments where items vary and do not conform to a uniform production line. The Apple Vision Pro and Averroes platform are well-suited to address this need. The Apple Vision Pro offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional fixed-installation industrial cameras and delivers superior image quality and resolution, which is crucial for inspecting products in varying lighting conditions.”

“Although Averroes can also integrate with other, less expensive AR sets, the development kit that comes with the Apple Vision Pro is among the best available, making it an excellent choice for manufacturers tasked with inspecting diverse products in non-standard settings.”

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