We’ve had over ten years of networking and software interconnectivity in automation and we’re still We’ve had over ten years of networking and software interconnectivity in automation and we’re still figuring out how to easily and efficiently get a variety of devices from different manufacturers conversing well together. Kepware Technologies has become a leader in working out these connectivity issues. The company has recently announced two new products.

It has recently released Version 5 of its KepServerEX communications product. This release has been in development for over two years and features the ability to be delivered on platforms other than Microsoft run-time environments. It is also designed to achieve Microsoft Vista and Server 2008 Logo Compliance. It offers a split Management (configuration) vs. Run-time operation, enabling management at the user level and operation as a service, with the added bonus of Microsoft Terminal Services multi-user support. Finally, KepServerEX version 5 delivers a new licensing and Customer Support model, designed to maximize end user value and packaging flexibility.

The product is now delivered in the form of Vertical Suites bundling the most common protocols used in a vertical market. The Suites include: IT and Infrastructure Suite, Building Automation Suite, Power Distribution Suite, Oil and Gas Suite and Manufacturing Suite.

Kepware’s warranty is now extended to 90 days.  During this time, customers are eligible for free technical support, access to the Kepware on-line knowledge base, and product upgrades.  KEPServerEX will be delivered on a quarterly basis and customers will always be entitled to one free upgrade with their initial purchase.  A new technical support program will deliver phone support and product updates on a yearly basis following the 90 day warranty period.  The web based knowledgebase will remain free.

This release also opens up the ability for Kepware to support many more platforms, from Linux to deeply embedded operating systems such as VxWorks.

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