GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has gone on a product release frenzy lately. Here are a few.

The first “miLink” application, Tool ID, is designed to read the tooling information from the RFID chip on the tool holder, and move the information into the appropriate registers in the CNC control without having to modify the CNC control in any way. It enables an end user to cost effectively implement technology to automate their processes where the integration cost would have previously been prohibitive. Additionally, miLink allows the flexibility to reconfigure the application in just minutes to fit with the ever-changing needs of the manufacturing environment. The unit can be reconfigured to handle a different memory map if customers want to add or delete data that is being stored on an RFID tag.

In a second release, it announced availability of miView, a machine intelligence solution designed to provide companies with accurate and unbiased data automatically to help teams improve the efficiency of their processes and eliminate waste. GE Fanuc combined its machining industry and data collection domain expertise with GE’s Lean Six Sigma culture and manufacturing knowledge to design a solution that is built specifically to address the unique challenges being faced by discrete parts manufacturers today. miView is an out-of-the-box solution specifically designed for machine tools, providing connectivity to current and future equipment that can help users begin to collect information right away. It is a web-based application that allows the information to be accessed freely anywhere on the network, without per-user licensing, and provides comprehensive data collection from GE Fanuc, Fanuc, Siemens and the other third-party CNCs integrated into new and existing machine tools.

It also announced the availability of Proficy Cimplicity GlobalView, a scalable application that enables real-time monitoring, data analysis and plant floor control from within a web browser. Multiple users can connect to the same system to analyze the situation and make quick fact based decisions. GlobalView includes the Relay Server, which makes deploying HMI/SCADA on a massive scale possible. With a Relay Server deployed in the GlobalView architecture and multiple GlobalView servers underneath, customers have the ability to truly globalize their applications and support 100s of simultaneous users with the only limitation being server hardware.

And last, but not least, it announced version 1.2 of Proficy Workflow. It allows operations experts to create and modify work processes much more quickly than before.

A new Form Designer eliminates coding for display screens and forms. Now, production teams drag and drop in a graphical WYSIWYG environment to build forms and displays for manual data entry and automated entry, from barcode readers and other devices. Furthermore, the new displays are not just viewable and actionable through Proficy Workflow; they can also be an actionable part of other applications on the Proficy SOA platform.

ActiveX Task List can be used within any ActiveX container. Operators can now follow step-by-step instructions within their usual day-to-day software such as a HMI, integrating their work instructions for ease of use

A dynamic task list, dubbed My Task List, allows the production expert to control what the operator sees during the execution of the workflow. The Task List has multiple panes, which can be hidden, expanded and so on. Proficy Workflow Version 1.2 will be available in November.

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